Convertible tops

We supply convertible tops for all European, Japanese and American cars. Our supplier manufactures convertible tops, plastic and glass windows. Some of them are availiable and can be ordered separately  .

They are high-quality imported convertible toping materials including original plastic trim, reinforcements,side drains and plastic trim around the rear or side-windows.

Seams and windows are bonded and welded in under high temparatures  to the material so they stay  waterproof and airtight. Stitching seams are waterproofed so there is no water driping through the needle holes in the material.

Some tops are supplied instead of the plastic  window with glass window which have a  special hinge that allows folding of the glass window into the top well for storage without any tension and damage. Some models have  parts of the roof reinforced.

Some models had specific design defects when manufactured and there were  technical bulletins  issued by the manufacturer to do specific modifications and adjustments.

We also supply the back and side tension cables, hydraulic motors,part of the frames, front bows, latches with handles, tension straps for the frame, and wooden bows and parts of the frames.

Glass windows are supplied with the heating as original and plastic  windows can be ordered in original clear, green, bronze, gray and smoke shades.

Tops are supplied in the original material and grain just like original when the car was new.

On request we can supply tops in other colors and types of materials.

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